Hello! ✨
Thank you for visiting Orion Studio and wanting to know more about it.
My name is Eva and I am the owner of Orion Studio, an online shop where you can find all kinds of cozy, illustrated paper goods!
I'm 26 years old and I come from Slovenia, a small European country, where I grew up. Although I studied Psychology in Scotland, I am now a full-time digital artist based in Abu Dhabi. I’m a lover of all things cozy, books, TV shows, traveling, and dogs, themes that usually inspire me most when I create.  
In 2021, I decided to take a bold step and quit my uninspiring job to embark on an exciting new journey: opening my own business . With no prior experience, I delved into the world of drawing, dedicating the entire year to honing my skills. And then, in January 2022, I proudly launched my own website. The path of a self-employed artist has its share of tough and uncertain days, but every challenge fades away when an order arrives and I get to send out products I poured my heart and soul into, to a happy customer. I really hope that the love that goes into creating, packaging, and maintaining the business shines through, and I am hopeful that my passion reflects in every single piece I create. 🤍
Orion Studio was created because it has always been my dream to run my own business. Combining my love for drawing with a wish to bring people the same feeling I experience when buying cute stationery items, Orion Studio came to be!
My aim with this business is to create products anyone can enjoy and use to decorate their every day life with. I will be bringing you lots of new fun and cute products in the future, so make sure you keep up to date with me on social media (@orionstudio.ae) if you would like to see behind the scenes, designing process, and other fun content!
Thank you for your support and interest in Orion Studio.
I hope to see you back soon!